Monday, 5 October 2015


This week was hectic. We had a super awesome turnout at church. We had 9 Investigators attend! 5 of them have solid baptism dates, 6 of them are progressing and 2 are completely new investigators which we haven't taught yet.

So we have 3 bap dates given out! So one is Jhessa who is a 15 year old girl (they spell names here weirdly for some reason), Dado who is a 50yr old father of another RC and the last is the Bajen Family (pronounced bahen). So the first 2 have bap dates on the 24th of October and the Bajen family has theirs for the 31st.

So we're like 90% that they'll be baptised :)

Anyway other funny thing this week we taught two lessons we didn't plan for. So we were walking and this old lady kinda came out and said good morning (in english) so me and Bermoy. So we said hey can we give you a card? And she was like yeah sure, come back to my house. Super weird cause all we asked was to give a card hahaha. So we go to her house teach the lesson 1 in 8min and we also left a bom. Anyway yesterday we were walking in the same area and she saw us, the first thing she says was like, "elder's come back to my house, teach me again." super weird again hahaha cause we weren't actually in the area for her hahaha so legit we got 2 lessons from replying to someone saying good morning hahaha. so yeah weird haha.