Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Week 4, Manila MTC, Philippines

Hey everyone!
So this week was pretty good, we got to go out into the field for 4ish hours to do some proselyting, so I  went with a Filippino missionary called Elder Bangan. So just us 2 went out into the feild to Danella's home (a recent convert) to teach her Enduring to the End from Lesson 3. It went pretty good I could understand pretty much everything that was said however I couldn't really say to much cause most of the language I learned was kinda simple and I didn't know too many words/phrases for endure to the end (like i didn't even know how to say endure to the end in tagalog) but it was really fun. After that we just kinda walked round and OYM (open your mouth) so just talking to people. The area we were in was pretty much slums, like it's hard to explain without a photo which unfortunately i didn't get any. 

Being White is really good, like all the kids follow you round and hold you hand. Most of the kids don't think that i can speak tagalog so they get a bit shocked when i say hello to them hahaha. but yeah so the area was just really poor and dirty but i really enjoyed being out there. Next week we go out again but this time we go to the Quezon Mission and proselyte there (This week i was actually proselyting in my mission!).
This week Elder Golden Left for his mission in cavite, he was my apart of our companionship for 3 weeks so he's out in the field now.
Being Zone Leader has been really good for me and Perkins!
I'll tell you who's in my District, So look at the photo i attached!
So back Row, Elder Golden, Elder Afoa, me, Elder Perkins, Elder Malu, Elder Ah Ching and Brother Camiso (teacher).
Front Row, Sister Custodio, Sister Brarquiel (teacher), sister Magellanes.
90% sure I spelt all their names right but the sister's names are hard to spell :(
So that's our Dirtrict, me, perkins, custodio, magellanes are going to QC North. Malu and Ah Chinh are going to legaspi. Golden is now in Cevite and Afoa is going to Naga.
A new Batch of missionaries arrived today with Elder Dawson, they've only been here for like 2hrs so i don't really know them yet hahaha.
Anyway everything is really good here in the Philippines. I think i attached some photo's form duing the week and i think there is one of my ring, it has that wording all around it hahaha 
Love Elder Holzworth

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