Monday, 2 March 2015

Week 5- Manila MTC, Philippines

Hey! So this week we went out proselyting again to Manila where Elder Appleby is serving hahaha he wasn't my companion for the day but at the start and end we talked which was good! This week wasn't too much different we all leave for the field this coming Wednesday so most of us part ways :( so this will be my last email until i'm assuming monday in like 10 days time. 

Our district has really bonded over the last month being here as we do so much together hahaha, we're all pretty much together all day. We're all really good friends so leaving the MTC will be pretty sad. Me and Custodio are Pinaka Kaibigan magpakailanman which translates to Best Friends Foverever Hahaha

The short time we've had in the field has been crazy, in manila my comapnion showed me a cool way to get poeple to talk, he just got me to ask people if they knew someone, so I'd just go up to pople and say "May kilala po ba kayong Connor Boyle?" which is kinda like saying "do you know Connor Boyle?" they obviously didn't but it got them talking so we got some cool referals that way hahaha.

This week President Trask (MTC pres) told me and Perkins that we can come back to the MTC whenever we're around which is awesome because usually in field missionaries aren't allowed on premises :D

Anyway next time i'll email i'll be out in Quezon City North :D Hopefully with some pics hahaha

Mahal kita lahat,

Elder Holzworth

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