Monday, 30 March 2015

Week 10, Sapang Palay, Philippines

Hey everyone!
So today for P-day we met up with our district and traveled 3ish hours to a place called Wawa! It is so cool there! Really beautiful place with a villiage on the water! So they use bamboo for everything and you can eat your lunch in front of a waterfall and stuff! There is also a bunch of caves there that we went to with some bats in it too so that was really cool as well! 

So some answers to Dad's three questions...
1. Tell us about the unit you live in and what facilities it has?
So pretty much we have no hot water so that means cold showers we have an iron a toilet, minus a toilet seat and the flushing mechanism, we have power which sometimes goes out, we have some fans and we have running water but it's not good to drink so we don't drink it!
2. Is your mission fun?
It's tons of fun! Even though you literally live and breath the gospel every single hour it's fun! Like it's not as boring as it people might think! I think the what makes the mission really fun is the people, like the members, the investigators and the other missionaries! Like
3. How has the Lord blessed you this week?
This week i had a really good time understanding scriptures in Tagalog. Usually its quite hard as the Tagalog in the scriptures is really deep but i was really blessed this week to be able to understand what was happening in each scripture. Like I don't understand it 100% but I understand enough to get the meaning of the scripture which is really awesome!

Also a cool scripture i read this week, Alma Chapter 38 - Alma is speaking to his son Shiblon but anyway read it with the context that you are alma's son and your father is your earthly father or your Heavenly Father! Anyway it's a really cool passage that I read this week that stood out to me! Hope you enjoy reading it!
Have a awesome week
Elder Holzworth

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