Thursday, 26 March 2015

Week 9, Sapang Palay, Philippines

Hey All!

This week was was great! Great to hear that Jalen or Elder Green has left for his 2 years!! 

Here are my 3 questions & answer's for the week!!
1. How are you going with teaching the Lesson's?
So teaching lessons is kinda hard cause it's tagalog but i say what i can and Aue covers the rest. With the Less Actives we mainly read book of mormon stories with them so i usually run them which is fun cause again we read the scriptures in tagalog so yeah hahaha sometimes i have to re-read them in english haha.

2. How is your health?
My health is pretty good! I haven't got sick really at all. I haven't drunk any water from the taps here so that's probably why I've stayed healthy.

3. How has the Lord blessed you?
This is kinda hard to think of, just cause your blessed with everything. But if i had to be specific I'd say the members we work with. Most of them are my age so we talk a lot with them (most of the time me trying to speak tagalog) and we get to joke around with them too. They also help a lot in lessons as some of them are recent converts and the others are really strong in the church and have solid testimonies. 

Anyway another thing that is weird over here is that people think I'm older than i look. So this week I asked a girl how old she thought i was, (she was 17) and she said 27........ hahaha so most people say like 21ish but 27 was just way out! I'm not sure if it's just cause I'm taller than them over here or I actually look older than 18 hahaha.

This week was Stake Conference for us which was cool cause some of the talks were in english! I'm mostly keen for General Conference next month but stake conference was good none the less as I could actually understand everything they were saying!

So our flat is really cool! We have to buy all of our water (yayy) because we can't drink the water out of the tap. It's kinda hard to explain what it looks like without any photo's so i'll try to show you next week some photos! It's got everything we need, it's just that it gets really hot all the time. In fact i don't even do my own laundry! hahaha, so I pay 120ish pesuos each week and our ward mission leader comes and does ours! So yeah I don't do laundry or make my own food hahaha

My favourite Preach my Gospel chapter is on Christlike attributes, just because those attributes makes us better people and better missionaries. Every time i read that chapter i always learn ways i can improve.

A really cool thing out here is the bakery's! They are really cheap and really good! Like ridiculously cheap!

Love Elder Holzworth!

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