Monday, 16 March 2015

Week 8, Sapang Palay, Philippines

Hey everyone!!

So this week has been crazy!!! One thing I forgot to mention is how the people here can't pronounce my name "Holzworth". Like they can't really say it even remotely close to how it's supposed to be said!! So yeah :(

So I'll answer three questions for you guys!
1. Who are we teaching?
2. What is our ward like?
3. What scripture has touched me this week?

So for who are we teaching, i attached our plan for teaching this week, we teach pretty much 85% of those on there (Sometimes they fall through). So yeah we do a lot of teaching. So the green ones are less actives, Red are most progressing investigators, purple are recent converts and blue are new investigators.

Our ward is really awesome! Each day we have 2-3 members working with us, there is a guy in our ward, Brother Elmer, who goes out with the missionaries 6-7 times a week for the past 24 years, he's insane (the good type)!! Some of the members are RC's of about 1 year maybe (rc = recent convert) which is quite crazy hahaha.

What scripture has touched you this week, so Ether chapter 14-15 is pretty insane, it's about how nations all perish in war and blood shed. We've used it a couple of times in lessons this week explaining about how Satan can take a hold of us. I encourage you guys to read it but it's kinda gruesome hahaha 

This week was really good work wise! We had a lot of lessons (28 which is insane)!!

This week i had a Big Mac!!!!!! it was P195 for a large big mac meal so like 6sih aud :D The best thing is that it tasted the same as they do in australia!!! It was pretty epic :D
The bad thing about emails out here is that the keyboards suck :( they're never as good as mine back home :(((

A kinda cool thing this week is that i start to suck at English yay!!!! So I mess up my sentences more in English now (as well as in Tagalog haha) So yeah sometimes i struggle to put out english but it's all goods, there will probs come a time where i can't speak english and tagalog so yeah hahahah.

So the work out here is fun! I learn so much each day!

Coming on a mission you receive so many blessings, one thing i've learnt is that there is nothing that you can never give the Lord more than what He can give you. In other words you receive more than you give. So when you choose to serve you get blessed so much. 

Have fun in Australia!

Love Elder Holzworth

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