Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Week 6, Sapang Palay, Philippines

First week in the Field! I'm in Sapang Palay area 2 and in Sapang Palay Ward :D
This place is crazy! Really beautiful and open areas and then a bunch of slums. But this place is really nice and I love it here. Most of the time we teach probably 40-50% less actives or inactives, then 30% investigators and the rest are recent converts. We don't OYM (proselyte, like go out and find new poeple) at all really, it's just visiting and teaching all day.
Our schedule is quite insane but fun: wake up at 6:30, exercise, eat, shower and get ready. Personal study at 8am, 9am companionship study, 10am language study, 11am we go out and get lunch, midday we do my 12 week program and then from 1pm to about 9pm (most times 9:30-45) we go out to people and teach. Breakfast is just cereal here so no big problem, lunch we go out and buy something so either burgers or other street food (so rice and currys and stuff) and we usually don't get dinner, we just get something when we get back to the flat. So I haven't really cooked yet :P unless you count cereal :D
On Sunday they asked me to introduce myself and bear my testimony which was interesting because I speak tagalog with an accent (like everyone else new to tagalog) so it's hard for them to understand me casue I don't pronounce words that well yet.

So as you guys already know my trainer is Elder Aue, or as Jess and Emma know him as Bennet or Rockmelon hahaha My SMYC leader!! It was crazy when we first saw each other, all the new missionaries where stting at the front in the chapel and the trainers came and stood at the back as they arrived. Elder Aue came and saw me and was confused because he recognised me pretty well, I was just nodding like "yeah it's me" hahahaha then President Bertin told the trainers to come forward and Elder Aue just like raced up to me hahah and we just hugged <3 Everyone was kinda looking at us weird cause this poly and white guy somehow knew each other but yeah it was crazy :D
Stuff here is really cheap, you can buy street drinks for P5 (5 pesuo's) which is like 20c Australian.
Toliets over here werid too as i kinda expected, so you have a toliet bowl, a bucket, tap and the little dipper thingy.  So yeah you can work out the rest :) However I use the wipes still until i get used to everything hahah (Thanks mum).
Like i said before, everything i've eaten has been bought or it's cereal so nothing weird, yet.
So it's crazy out here I'll try to film some of the crazinessand take lots of photo's. 
The people here are really loving, on my first night here they had a FHE for me hahaha so I got to meet some of the members that were close with the missionaries. The kids here are really cool they still love to hold your hand (that's why i have sanitiser hahah) and they love it if you can touch the basketball hoop (they go crazy). They are all so shorrrrtttttttttttttttt!!! Like they are tiny here, I have to duck when entering in and out of homes hahaha and I'm just like average height hahaha.
That's about it here, I love it out here in Sapang Palay :D

Elder Holzworth

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