Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Week 7, Sapang Palay, Philippines

Hey everyone!

So this week was pretty hectic, we just taught a whole lot through out the week. We have what's called 15 focus families/people which are the 15 we focus on for each transfer. Plus we have around 5ish families/people that we get as new investigators each week. So we have a lot of people to teach which means we have a whole lot of people to study for. Me and Elder Aue get along pretty well as expected but I forgot to mention last week that we share the apartment with another set of elders, Elder Waltz (American) and Elder Baylosis (Filipino). They are really cool elders, especially Waltz he's just really funny and is into gaming and all.

Food over here is really good, they have a fruit called star apple which is really nice but kinda hard to explain it's taste, but it's kinda soft on the inside hahah. They also have a drink over here called Buko Shake which is like a coconut and vanilla milkshake. If you googled "Buko Shake" you could probs get a recipe and make one at home :) 

It gets really hot here and it's gonna get hotter as we move into summer :( so at night in the flat it's like 34-35 degrees and during the day it's 37-39 degrees. The area I'm in isn't poor for the Philippines (I'd show you a photo but i can't get the camera to connect to the computer.). 

You can buy a whole lot of fake stuff over here for really cheap too :)

It's funny for lunch we get pizza and burgers 80% of the time so I've literally eaten more american food than Filipino hahaha. Another thing they have here is chicken oil which is kinda like chicken salt but a oil version that you put on meat and rice. It's really good :D

Another cool thing is that there are these little stores everywhere that sell snacks like cookies, bread rolls, pastries, soft drinks, ect. So we go can get food from them throughout the day :D

Have a great week :D

Love Elder Holzworth

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