Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Week 12, Sapang Palay, Philippines

Hey Family!

So this week was awesome! I had a baptism, General Conference and finished my 1st transfer!

So we had 2 Baptisms,  Keith and Annalaya! So they were baptised yesterday by their cousin who's leaving for his mission in like 1 month! And Kimpee is doing really great. He's kept all of our commitments, we're just waiting until the 3rd comes round for his baptism! He's also come out with us and helped us teach other investigators which is really cool/unique!! That's how strong his knowledge is!!

Dad's Questions...

How has being a missionary changed your life?

Well for one fact I can't do half of the things I could do at home hahaha but to be honest it gives you a better perspective on life, like our purpose, the nature of the Godhead and a better understanding of the gospel and it's principles.

How has the Lord blessed you this week?

Well, he gave us 2 baptisms which was incredible!!! It's a lot different witnessing the baptism of someone you've taught the gospel personally than it is of someone from your ward! The first photo i sent was us and the immediate family of Kieth and Annalaya and the second was Ray (the brother baptising) and his family. Sorry about the photo's, they somehow seem a bit blurry and weird :( Oh yeah and the baptism was inside our chapel, not sure if you guys assumed if it was in the ocean or something hahahaha.

This week we had General Conference (you guys did too haha) and it was awesome to listen to something in English as well as it being the words of a living day prophet. I read in one of the church magazines of the importance of a living day prophet compared to one in the Bible or Book of Mormon. They asked the question, did Noah receive he revelation to build the ark from a previous prophet, like Adam, they answered no, he received  the revelation from God. Likewise, even though it's still important to study the stories in the Book of Mormon/bible, the revelation given to a living day prophet is so much more important as it is directly for us in this present day :)

Some of the talks i really enjoyed was Elder Hollands talk about the two boys rock climbing, titled, "Where Justice, Love, and Mercy Meet". I also liked the one by Elder Nielson called "Waiting for the Prodigal" and also "The Music of the Gospel" by Elder Anderson.
Also the two talks in Spanish were kinda cool, no one knew what they were saying cause we had no subtitles but we could kinda understand their testimonies as some Tagalog is taken from Spanish but other than that everyone was clueless hahaha.

Thanks for the packages! It was really awesome to recieve them, I really liked the key chain thingy which i now put our house keys on everyday!! I also got the letter you sent with the Tagalog scripture of 1nep 3:7 which was really cool cause i could actually read the entire thing and understand it!!

It really means a lot getting packages and letters! I also received the letters from the greens (Joel's family and the one from Aunty Rebekah and Trinity) this week too!!!! So yeah, THANKS SO MUCH

Have an Awesome week!

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