Monday, 20 April 2015

Week 13, Sapang Palay, Philippines

Hey Family!

So I thought I lost my charger cable thingy this week and  my camera was out of battery so i didn't get to find it until sunday :( but i took some photo's of our apartment but I'll try to remember to take more!
So in the photo with numbers on it is like our living room I guess, that's ELder Baylosis and Hartfield playing pokemon on the floor and to the right are their study desks. Number 1 is our study room, number 2 is our bedroom (there's  only a bunk bed and suit cases there), number 3 is their bedroom and number 4 is our front door! We live right near a Basketball Court so probably 4 nights every week they play and  have comps and really loud music playing there hahaha.

Then the next photo is our desks! The left one is mine! So You can probable see what most of the stuff is but on the wall is cpt Moroni, mum's scripture quote of 1n3:7 that i got in the mail a bit back and then there's random pokemon cards on my wall (They just look cool haha) and then a Sprite bottle because why not haha and my study stuff. And yes i did have to clean my desk before taking this photo haha :D 
Emma asked for some random photo's so I'll post some random ones here. get ready :P
So the next one is us in the chapel, there is Gretchen (member) in the background and me playing the Piano :D
 Next one is me, Elder Aue and Elder's Aue's Trainer, Elder Elm. Or in Missionary terms, My father and my grandfather (your trainer is your father if you didn't realise) That was in SM Fariview (supermall) So it's pretty much Carindale except  we have to travel like 40min to get there everything is really expensive there btw cause all the brands are actually real hahaha.
Next one is some Chickens eating a dead cat (I did say random photo's)
Next one is some the boys of the Rossana Family. They took my camera and took that hahaha
About our flat....
We have cold water that you cannot drink :) Electricity, A bathroom with a Toilet minus the toilet seat, that doesn't flush and has a bucket with water instead :) We have a stove, a fridge with a freezer that doesn't actually freeze hahaha and that's pretty much it hahaha

Our Investigator Kimpee is going really well except we've had to push his bap dat back a bit because he was unable to come to church 2 weeks in a row (you have to attend 3/4 sundays to be able to be baptised) so yeah that's not good but he's still really strong :) He can speak a little english but not really too much, one problem with english here is that they can only understand an american accent, so yeah it almost makes my english useless hahaha, so pretty much all my english i say is with an american accent except when it's to my companion :)
Keith and Annalaya are doing great except on sunday when they we're both supposed to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, only Keith showed up :( so annalaya has to wait a bit but that's okay :) Their Uncle is in the 1st counselor to the bishop so they have a lot of support!

A really cool thing we had this week was with this family we just met, we had oym'd this 17yr old girl and then went to her house and she wasn't there but still her older sister let us around to meet her grandparents and stuff. Anyway we ended up meeting the grandparents and there were super cool! They we super interested and were really, really spiritual! They accepted  the Book of Mormon really well and she even offered to say the closing prayer! In the prayer she thanked God for sending 2 missionaries to her and then she asked God  to bless us wherever we go which i thought was super awesome for a 1st time visit! so yeah :D

Today we get to celebrate Elder Aue's 1 year mark, and then I was like I wonder how long i've been out and it's been 4months which honestly feels like nothing hahaha like time has literally  flown, after next transfer I'll be at my 6month mark which i think is crazy! I guess the blessing is that your time flies but at the same time it's kinda sad that it flies because  the work is just so good, you kinda want it to feel like 2years not something quicker!

Anyway I'l talk to you guys soon! (mothers day is so soon!)

Love Elder Holzworth

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