Monday, 27 April 2015

Week 14, Sapang Palay, Philippines

Hey Family,

So to start off this email, I saw the Southern Cross in the night sky last
night!! Which is cool cause you can only see it in the northern hemisphere
only at certain times during the year. See the photo, it's in the middle
but it's kinda hard to see.

Also there is a pic of a bunch of people from our ward and stuff, so front
row left to right there is Danillo, one of our new investigators (13) then
Kimpee another one of our investigators (18) then Shela (member), Elder
Aue. Back row left to right, Darwin (ward mission leader), two random
members who i don't know the names of :) then Elder Hartfield (just
transfered to our area this transfer) then Gretchen (member) then Rolson
Then on Saturday we had a service project stake wide! and to get the entire
ward there the ward got some trucks to take us hahaha (classic

So Danillo and Kimpee as you saw in the photo are our 2 most progressing
investigators, there are set to be baptised on the 18th if they come to
church every single sunday, so yeah the 20th is transfer day so we kinda
want Aue to be here for their baptisms, as he'll  probs transfer on the 20th.

Keempee did attend church yesterday which was awesome but it turns out they
need to attend church 4/5 Sundays which is pretty hard :( And yeah my next
companion will probs be Filipino which will be great for my Tagalog! And
my Tagalog isn't too big as in how many words/phrases but what i'm
always trying to work on is my accent in Tagalog, so even though my Tagalog
might be correct in what i say, i want it to sound more like a Filipino.
Which will take time but what a lot of Americans do is that they speak
Tagalog with a very distinct american accent which sounds really bad to a
Filipino so i'm trying to get myself in the habit of saying things
correctly now, so i don't have to fix it later!

So this was a really cool blessing that happened this week, so being out
the the field you get to see your zone once a week at district meetings
(every district in your zone goes to the same chapel) but in my zone there
is only one sister from my MTC Batch all the other 3 are in another zone
together. Anyway I was really wanting to meet up with all my batch again
and anyway I remember praying one night or morning, if it could be made
possible sometime in the future that i could see my batch mates again.
Anyway the next day I realised we had Zone Conference which is my zone +
another one. And there you have it, the other zone was the one with all my
batch mates in it!! So yeah really cool blessing that I didn't expect would
happen really at all that soon so yeah :)

PS  Our  District got shirts made and on the back is 3 John 1:4 (even though
the shirt says 1:9) which is a scripture that I'd thought you'd like :)

" I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."

Have a lovely day,

Love Elder Holzworth

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