Sunday, 17 May 2015

Week 15, Sapang Palay, Philippines

Sorry about the late email :( Yesterday was temple p-day and we got home later than expected so no emails until now :) but I don't have too much time to email to this will be short.

Temple P-day was crazy it takes us around 3.5hrs of travel to get there from were we are. But the temple session was really great, so the travel is definitely worth it. We get to go to the temple about every 3 months.

This week was Aue's Birthday too but it was on fast Sunday which was really sad but we got to go to a members house and we had a celebration for him there. We had whats called Budo Fight basically there is a table full of food and everyone fights for food. hahaha it's fun :)

This is all for now but I'll talk to you all on Mother's Day

So 6pm Brisbane time (4pm over here in the Philippines)

I love you all, 

kita-kits tayo sa Mother's Day

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