Sunday, 24 May 2015

Week 17, Sapang Palay, Philippines

Hey Family!

So transfers are tomorrow and yesterday we found out who's staying and who's going! So I'm staying here and Aue will be leaving and my new companion will be Elder Balili (He's Filipino). So tomorrow Elder Balili he'll arrive and Aue will leave so next p-day I'll send some photo's :D

So I'm extremely excited, sad and nervous ahahaha. So Sad that Aue is leaving :( Excited that I have a Filipino Companion and nervous because he won't speak much english and I now have to lead in the area, so that's knowing where everyone is, knowing who to see each day and stuff like that!

So I'm really excited that he's Filipino as he'll be able to help me with my Tagalog a lot more than a foreigner. So my plan is for when he's around is Tagalog out in the field, during weekly planning and during comp study then the rest in English (so pretty much breakfast lunch and dinner). So hopefully he'll be able to teach me a lot when I'm with him :)

Today we went bowling, sorry no action shots but it was only AMF bowling anyway :) We went to this cool as burger place where aue tried to do this burger challenge! It wqas a 2 pound burger and 300g of fries, if he could down it in 10min it was free. He only got through the burger before time was up and then he went and threw up hahaha

Sorry for the lack of photo's i actually lost my charger cable so i can charge my camera until I buy a new one which will probs be next week tuesday but i can upload by taking out the sd card :)

Here's Dad's 3 Questions too

1. What does it mean to you to be a good companion?
Being a good companion is recognizing your comps flaws and then filing them or helping them to fill them, a lot of people will just recognize a flaw or weakness in someone but a good comp will try their best to fill it. So it might sound a little weird or even hard to understand but every person has a weakness and your job as their comp is to help strengthen that weakness into a strength, which will in turn form a strong unity between you and your comp. And strong unity is key in success, as we've been called to teach in 2's

2. How does the Lord direct you day to day?
I guess the Spirit is key in that, as in it's all through the spirit. So in DC 50 is the scripture that bases the entire PMG off (the title is in verse 14). In there is talks about the spirit being the only way to preach the gospel. As a missionary it's key not only in a lesson but at all other times of the day. Literately everything is down by the spirit, we actually don't really do much, it's all given to us through the spirit, that's why its best to be obedient so that you get the spirit.

3. What tender mercies have you been blessed with this week?
I think i would say my language, this week I received an ultimate compliment from Elder Baylosis (Filipino) when he said that he really liked my accent when I speak Tagalog saying it sounds much better than most Americans. It was a really cool thing to hear as accent is something I've been working on for a while. So i guess the way the language has been explained to be by Filipinos is that they say words slowly but join them together i guess, in other words, it sounds like their words don't stop or start. And these last weeks I've noticed that I am more able to speak more like natives do, obviously I'm not close to perfect but I am improving daily :D

So love you all and hope you guys have an awesome week!!

Love Elder Holzworth

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