Monday, 1 June 2015

Week 18- Sapang Palay, Philippines

Hello family

Anyway, on Wednesday Elder Aue left and Elder Balili arrived :D So all the missionaries who were transferring met at Marcela chapel which is our stake centre. So i waited for a while before Balili arrived. Once he did we headed back to our flat, ate lunch, did shopping and then off to work :)

So first off Elder Balili is an amazing teacher...... Like he's insane at it, he's very good at connecting with people and teaching things simply, which is awesome!! Elder Balili is from down south of the Philippines, his native language is not tagalog, it's cebuano. So he's had to learn Tagalog through out his mission. This is his 6th area, and may be his last as he goes home November this year.

So things with him are really good, his english is pretty decent but it's not really awesome so most of what he'll speak to me will be in tagalog., which is good for my tagalog :D

Showing  balili around wasn't too hard, it's just that one of our areas is a maze so it was hard haha we got lost a little :) but other than that my tagalog has been improving a lot this past 2ish weeks :D Although I lost my packet dictionary which kinda sucks :(

So last week I forgot to tell you that I received the Packages, so I got the redskin one, the one from grandma and with  letters I got the .study tips one, the pmg scriptures one, the missionary quote one, and the anzac one too :D
Thanks so much, it's really good to receive packages and letters from home.  we receive them on a tuesday and then have to wait all the week till monday to email so sometimes i forget haha

Btw I forgot to mention Kimpee went away for work and hasn't come back yet so he has to go to church 4/5 sundays when he comes back to be baptised so he'll be baptised next transfer if we're lucky as we don't know when he comes back.

Dad's 3 questions:

1. What scriptures have you been learning/memorising? I am memorising the First Vision ("I saw a pillar of light....")

So I havn't really memorised many scriptures in Tagalog , hahaha I've only learnt like the first half of the 1st vision and some other ones that i've kinda forgotten over time but I still remember luke 24:5-6 (why seek ye the living....) so it's --> Bakit hinahanap ninyo ang buhay sa gitna ng mga patay? Wala siya rito, datapuwa't nagbangon.
Only problem with it it that it uses some deepish Tagalog. other than that it's a cool scripture :D

2. Tell us about your new companion - his name, how long he has been out, where is he from, and what you love about him?

So i kinda already said this above but here goes again hahah. Elder Balili, he leaves november, from davao mission area, and he is such a good teacher, that's the best part about him missionary wise, that and he's really funny too :D
Also he plays the recorder and harmonica hahaha it's pretty cool :D

3. How can a person find out they are loved by the Lord?

I'd say there are lot's of ways to know but I think one way is through prayer. We are very blessed, the only problem is that we don't see the blessings sometimes. Yes, we should ask Heavenly Father for blessings but what is also important is to ask that we can recognise them. Everyday we receive blessings and we have no clue how we received them, even though they affect us. So one way to find out if we are loved by the lord is to Count our blessings by looking out for them and asking Heavenly Father to help us to see them.

So I attached 2 photo's, One is Sapang Palay Elder's before transfer's (with Aue) and the other is after transfer's (with Balili)

Hope you Have an awesome week

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