Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Week 20- Sapung Palay, Philippines

Hey Family

So this week was crazy for both me and you guys!
So obviously with Emma receiving her call to Manila mission!!!! and the crazy stuff for me I'll explain in a sec haha

So with the call (yes I got to watch the vid!!) it was awesome to hear that emma is serving so close to me! And like Mum, I called it too that she'd serve near me and speak tagalog :) To prove it I actually took photo's of my tagalog book for emma before I actually knew she was serving here and then sent them to her today hahaha :) I anticipated  it :D

So because Emma is serving in manila it means one, that we might have the same temple P-Day once every while but when I was in the MTC as Zone Leader, president said to us (elder perkins too) that If I was every near by on a p-day or whatever that we were always welcomed back to visit missionaries, teachers and him. So I'll try to visit Emma when she's in the MTC :D

Also Emma will learn Tagalog which is insane cause that means we'll have our own secret language!! Astig diba??

First off, We need to come on a mission with the DESIRE to serve and the TESTIMONY to back it up. With both of those things we can become useful to the Lord and become efficient Missionaries.

Secondly, to not waste our time. A mission is the Lord's time, not his. It's a time when we give up our will to do the Father's Will. When we waste time we waste our years of service that we cannot get back.We waste the Lord's time and that means
that people won't come unto Chirst.

I wrote down in my PMG while i was in the MTC something that I said to my
district one day that is evidence of this.

I said  (concerning missionary work) " The Work is really hard, but it doesn't feel like hard work."

Anyway this week was insane last night we had 2 dinner appointments which was insane. Thing was that I was told we had one so if I had known there was a 2nd I would have eaten much less at the first appointment hahaha

The other thing is that for the past month there have been mice in our apartment except we can never catch them hahaha but on saturday he found one and managed to kill it and then out of no where a second one appeared! so we killed that one 2. There was a lot of cheering too hahaha there were so annoying!!

Other than that, out of our 4 investigators, only one came to church, so that means that the 3 that didn't come have to have a new bap date as they need to attend 4/5. So yeah :/ but we're doing fine :D

Anyway, hope you all have a great week!!

Love, Elder Holzworth!

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