Sunday, 21 June 2015

Week 21- Sapung Palay, Philippines

Hey everyone :) 

So tagalog is going great! I find it a lot harder now to teach in english hahaha The other day I couldn't remember the word "restoration" when talking to other elder's in english hahaha except I knew it in tagalog and could even explain it in tagalog too hahaha

Then we also got mail run! So I think 1 week ago I received all the letters from you guys as our zone leaders received the letters early and passed them onto us early too xD But this week I recieved the package with the Pink Ties! Thanks so much :D They're really nice ties, I love them. one is the Pink stripped one and the other is the pink checked one :)
Then the package had a "block" of Pods hahaha they all melted together hahaha plus a ton of sherbet hahaha

So for this week Email time is really low, so we've had an issue with internet places so right now I have 4min left to type hahaha so I'm going to be quick.
That and I'm using a pc that you can't plug in  devices to so mayble later we'll try and stop by a pc shop and upload some photo's

Today we also had a simple Zone activity were we played a bunch of games, In Capture the Flag i was my usual best (lol) and won our team the game :P hahaha 
Not too much time left so I'll finish up :)

Have a great week guys!
Elder Holzworth

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