Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Week 22 - Sapung Palay, Philippines

So this week was quite interesting!
So this week I went on companion exchanges with Elder Adra for a day. We went out to a member's house and they run a stall were they sell some typical filipino foods, like chicken intestines and liver and ect..
So naturally they tried to pressure me to eat it as I'm a foreigner hahaha I ate both hahaha and to be honest it actually wasn't too bad, the taste was pretty good actually, they barbecue  the meat with some random sauce hahah :) they also cook chicken heads and feet but I didn't try that, well not yet :)

This week is the last full week of this transfer, so July 1st is transfer day! and on next Monday we'll find out about transfers (tuesday will be p-day). So there is a good chance that this will be my last transfer here but it is possible that I stay too, so who knows hahaha

I've attached some photo's too :) and I'll probs send another email with more photo's :)

Also in tagalog there are some crazy senteces that can me made by using two syllables haha

kakaba-kaba ka ba? 
Which translates to "Are a little bit nervous?"
so yeah it's a tad confusing if someone asks you that hahaha 

Anyway have a great week all :)

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