Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Week 26, Sapung Palay, Philippines

Hi all!

It's great to hear that QLD won State of Origin! :D I have in my study room some QLD carboard cutout things that Grandma sent me a little while a go! So the Maroons had my support from here in the Philippines!

On the scriptual note, Helaman 5:12 is a scripture I use a lot during lessons. I often us Helaman 5:12 with DC 6:34&36. Both Scriptures come together to help those establish a sure foundation. With the culture and people here, it's very hard to land commitments. Although if we help them establish a foundation upon Christ we can help them make commitments more easily.

The investigator who answered the door last week for us (holding the pamphlets already) was Elias.  He came to church this week as well which was awesome! The next crazy thing with him is his reading!So last sunday we gave him a copy of "Principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ" (in tagalog of course). Now this book is pretty big and he read up to chapter 35! We gave it to him on sunday and met with him on Thursday. So he had 33 full days to read plus sunday and a little of thursday! Crazy right? So on Thursday we finished Lesson 1 and gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and when we met him at church he had read up to 2nd Nephi chapter 4!! This guy is like 60yrs old and also reading in tagalog takes a lot more time than it does in english! It's crazy with his dedication already! at this rate he will be Baptised and Confirmed on the 1st and 2nd of August :D

Our Less activies are going really well this week, we had 3 families and 2 individuals attend church this week which was awesome!

The biggest Lesson I've learnt this week was dedication. As a missionary you are partly responsible for the salvation of the people in your area. If you aren't working hard, they won't come unto Christ it will be partially your fault. It's kind of an intense thing to say but from what I've learnt from it is if we love the people in our area and care about them. Then we will try our best and work hard so that they and their families can be sealed and live with each other in eternity.

I'm glad it's cold in Australia haha. Over here at night it's gotten slighty colder haha It's Tag-Ulan right now or rain season, so everything is now wet hahaha. It rains really hard sometimes last week 2 typhoons passed near the Philipines which gave us some pretty intense storms and a little flooding in our area. My shoes got so soaked hahaha When we got to one of our investigators houses instead of taking just off our shoes we took of our socks as well hahaha.

The other down side to rain is that people are inside like 90% of the time which makes Oym'ing really hard (Oym=open your mouth, or just taking to poeple and trying to get lessons/new investigators). That and power and water stop working more often which sucks hahaha.

Hope you have a lovely week.

Love Elder Holzworth

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