Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Week 25, Sapung Palay, Philippines

Hey Family!

So this week I got 6 or so of my white collared shirts fitted (me being really skinny), I paid a tailor to fit them for me :) They cost 40 peso's each (that's about $1 AUD), so good :D

So this coming week might be a little crazy as it's now getting rainy and stuff yayyy :)
Jokes, rain is terrible, because it's really dirty here and flood water carries all these cool and different types of diseases, fun :D So hopefully I don't get anything too bad hahaha :/

We had 1 investigator come with us to church. It was so surprising. So we found him this week and taught him twice, so far we've taught Lesson 1 Principle's 1-4 (Heavenly Father until Christ's Ministry) So anyway, we turn up to his house and we yell out "tao po" (common saying in Tagalog) which is literately translated to "People" (It's what you say when want to let people know that you're here, in fact what the phrase actually means is that we are people and not evil Spirits, The whole thing started off a myth haha)

Anyway, I kid you not after we yell it out, he walks straight out of his front door ready and has our pamphlet is his hand as well. That never happens hahaha Especially for someone who wasn't super super interested in the gospel haha So we took him to church and yeah all is well :)

So Sapang Palay is a great area, except the previous elders from 2014 didn't reteach their investigators. So we have a total of 13 Recent Converts that we need to teach. Some are from this year but there are 5 from early 2014 that no one knows.... and they don't have records in our area book really either.... So YAY :) Finding time :) So now we have the wonderful task of finding these Inactive RC's and re-teaching and reactivating them too :D fun fun fun hahahaha

This week I meet this super old Australian guy and his Filipina Wife who has just moved here. He only speaks english and somehow we started talking to him. I kid you not, I talked to him immediately in an American accent......      -.-       So annoying hahaha    
The only time I can actually speak English is to americans, and there is only one in our house so I only really get to talk to him in the morning, lunch or at night. Also if I do talk to him I usually have to put on an american accent anyway in order for the other fillipino's to understand. I'm fearing that I'm losing my accent :(((((     So hopefully I'll meet an Aussie Elder soon to help me keep my accent hahaha.

Have a wonderful week, look out in the post in 3ish weeks time for my Letter thingy :D  :D

Love Elder Holzworth

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