Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Week 27, Sapung Palay, Philippines

Hey Family,

So this week on the 16th marked my 6 month mark on the mission! Crazy that time has gone so by so quick!

This week I learnt a cool thing about my companion, he can speak 5 languages! He's not fluent in all but hes pretty good in all of them. So his languages are (in order of fluency) Ilonggo, Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilokano and then English. So technically his least fluent language is English which is insane!

So right now I'm actually going to try to learn some Cebuano which is another really popular language here in the Philippines. A lot of the people who we come across can actually speak some Cebuano as well as Tagalog as usually their from a Cebuano region. Obviously Tagalog is my primary focus but I want to begin to learn some Cebuano so that I can OYM to those that are from that region in the Philippines. Some of our investigators are actually fluent in both Tagalog and Cebuano so I hope to be able to learn some off them. That and once I learn a little I should be able to teach a little bit as well maybe hahaha. Also Elder Mabala who just moved in to our house is fluent in Cebuano as that's his Native tongue.

So also this week I ate Chicken Heads! hahaha It was pretty good but really hard to eat cause of the bones but other than that it tasted pretty good :) 

Also Sorry, I haven't been able to send the SD card yet I've been super busy. But it's in my hand right now so I'm going to try to send it home today!! Sorry again!!

Other than that we had our Zone conference this week which was really great. We had a couple of workshops on the Atonement, another on teaching the Lesson 1 in 8min and 2min. Also some on weekly and nightly planning. Also we have a thing called "Last missionary standing" which is a game they do each zone conference based around obedience. Basically everyone stands up and Sister Bertin asks us questions, if we answer no, we have to sit down and stay sitting down. Last zone conference the questions was really easy, but this conference the questions we so much harder. The first question was "did you finish your last P-day at 6pm and start working?". Like half of us sat down (not me and Balili though). I got through some of the tough ones until she asked the Question, "Did you teach the restoration in under 8min  this week?" I had to sit down :( I can teach the restoration in english in under 8min but everytime me and Balili planned to teach the 8min restoration to our investigators either one of 2 things happened. The first is that we go over 8 minutes, (it's super hard to explain your unique message clearly in a different language haha) or the other is that they had questions that lead us to make it a full lesson. So yeah, I was doing really good until that question hahaha.

This August we have a Zone Tour which is exciting, not only to hear from Elder Bowen and Elder Hainey but also because the mission will be split into 2 days so i think it'll be like 4 zones at each day!

Anyway, hope you guys all have an epic week!

Stay Safe,

Love Elder Holzworth

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