Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Week 24, Sapung Palay, Philippines

Hey Family,
So firstly I may have lost some photo's :( So I lost about a week worth of photo's but don't worry most of them were selfies that the members took hahaha So I lost around 1.5gb worth of photo's which is nothing compared to the photo's that I already have!! So I still have like 98% of my photo's still hahaha What happened was last week when I gave my sd card to my companion during emails and when he opened it up the files where all gone and yeah :/ but I'm not worring to much as they weren't really great anyway hahaha.
So This week I backed up my SD card to another SD card ready to send home!!! Except before I sent it I'll need to make a backup incase anything get's lost :)
Anyway this week was slightly nerve racking with the transfer's coming up, but I'm staying here with Balili in Sapang Palay for another 6 weeks!! Infact only 3 elder's transfered from our zone which is super low hahaha
This week it was super crazy with one of our lesson's, so we found a unkown LA in one of our area's, that day we had Bro. Elmer working with us (37yrs old). So we ran into this la and we went into her home and began to teach her lesson 1. So Elmer, Balli and I are seated on one couch and the La and her friend on the other one.  And on our counch Elmer is sitting between me and Balili. AS we're teaching out of nowhere this giant rat comes out from outside and runs inside, now this rat was huge and super fat. I thought I saw it run and crawl up onto our couch between balili and elmer. So I stood up and asked "Nasaan ang Daga?" Or where's the Rat? and then I kid you not Elmer, who is still sitting down, points to behind his bottom and says, dito elder... or here elder hahaha I look and there is this giant lump at the back of his pants... The rat had actually crawled up and inside his trousers into his pants.... It was so funnyyyyyy, Elmer then tried to push this rat out of his pants and when the rat was out it ran off. Oh my, it was hilarious... I swear that that stuff only happens in cartoons hahaha.
So yeah and the photo's I attached are of me and balili at church and one of Me and Elder Baylosis in a tricicle carriage. hahah hope you enjoy.
P.S Next week after I back up I'll seed the SD card, but before I'm going to send it I'll probable make a couple of vids to you guys but is there anything you'd like me to talk about specifically? To do with life in the mission? or maybe something for mission prep? Just ask and I'll film something :)
Anyway have an awesome week!!!
Love, Elder Holzworth

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