Thursday, 30 July 2015

Week 28, Sapung Palay, Philippines

Hey family! 

So first up, I apologize for any typo's in this email, the Keyboard's space bar isn't working too great hahaha.

So today is temple P-day! So because our house is the furthest away from the temple in our zone we slept over in another apartment. So 8 Elder's slept in one apartment hahaha but it was so worth it because we got to the temple so quick! which meant that we got there on time for once :D Temple was great, we went to the distribution center and I bought a whole bunch of tagalog material, so now I can sing hymns in tagalog :)

So last week was crazy as I was sick for 3 days :( I had the flu and my fever went super hot, it was not even funny haha

I also attached some photo's one is the me and the elders from Sapang Palay :) and the next two are photo's from my District Leader's area from when I went on exchange with him :) Their are is a lot different to some of ours, really spread out and the buildings are a bit bigger too :)

Also last week, to increase our companionship unity, me and Elder Balili bought matching ties, (I don't have a photo of us both wearing it but it's the Purple one in the photo with the temple)

This transfer is coming to a close so soon (12th)!!! There is a big chance that I transfer but this ward is just too good hahaha We have some of the coolest member's I've met.

As for our investigators, Elias didn't come to church as he was sick :( but were able to teach him and give him a priesthood blessing. We've had to push his bap date back a week becauseof the amount of lessons we need to teach and the remaining time haha but so far we've finished Law of Chasity and Word of Wisdom which he accepted really,really well :) Especially WoW, as coffee is a huge addiction for Filipino's also Smoking too but thankfully he doesn't smoke :) His new BapDate is the 8th :)

Our other investigator is a 10yr old girl named Loraine. Her bap date is the 8th too but right now we've only finished lesson 2 so it'll be hard to teach her so much in such a short little time, but she's committed so we're gonna try to get the 8th!!

So hopefully this week we'll get some progress with them and get a whole lot closer to baptism!!


Hope you all have an incredible week!

Love Elder Holzworth!!

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