Sunday, 17 May 2015

Week 16, Sapang Palay, Philippines

Hey everyone!

So next week is transfers which means that Elder Aue will most likely get a transfer as he's been out in the mission for a year and this is only his 2nd area so he's been here a while. However I could transfer too but it's not likely but I guess we'll find out :)

Anyway, Skyping was really awesome!!! It went really really quick for me! It was really good to see and hear you guys!!! Even though time has passed really quick for me it does feel like it's been ages since hearing you guys.

Our plan for this week is tons of FHE's, it's a ward goal and seeing that Aue will probs leave he kinda wants to say goodbye to all the families as well, but right now we 5 set up for this week! Some are even at LA's houses.

Also I'm gonna try and talk to Sister Bertin (the Mission Presidents wife) about getting a Skype call set up for Emma's Mission Call opening too which should hopefully be all goods to do :)

Also I think I might try to set a package to send home with some cool souvenirs as well!! Plus I'll send home my SD card as well so that you can watch all the Video's that I've taken as well, like me eating Balut :)

So mostly likely next email I'll know who my next companion will be :)

Dad's Q's

1. What are some of your goals?
Always to be more obedient, you can never be perfectly but I'm always striving to be "Exactly Obedient" D&C 130:21 Blessings are through obedience. And another goal is to be able to talk more tagalog by transferring all that I say in English into tagalog, so both conversation tagalog and  gospel as well. So hopefully that'll help drive my tagalog skills up :)

2. How is the heat there and does it impact you?
It's really hot over here all year round but it kinda the same as Australia except they don't have A/C and we wear collared shirts and long pants :(
But is doesn't effect us too much, we just need to drink lots of water to keep hydrated. Some days it does get really bad and it's kinda hard to think but it's all good :)

3. How has the Lord blessed you this week?
It's the obvious one but the Skype Call! It was a huge blessing to hear from you guys at home and to talk with you! 

Anyway that's all for this week! Hope you all have a great week!

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