Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Week 29, Sapung Palay, Philippines

Hey Family,

So crazy Week!

So the Baptism was awesome! So Lurraine and Elias were baptised last saturday (you guys already know) and then Confirmed the day after during Church. It was crazy baptising someone in tagalog, and it was even harder when Elias wouldn't bend his legs hahah so I had to redo his baptism after trying to explain to him that he needed to bend his legs hahaha Binyag na!!!

Also this week we had our Mission Tour, so Elder and Sister Arden came to our mission and gave us an awesome bunch of workshops about increasing our effectiv

eness as missionaries. After the workshops were all over And everyone was taking photo's I got told that there was a package for me in the Office. I was like sweet! And so I walk into the office I can see all the mail packages on the floor kinda sorted by zones and I ask my ZL if there was one for me and he just grabbed four of them and handed them to me and I was like "oh did you want me to hand them out" and he just goes, no there all for you....... WOW! So 4 packages! 2 from Grandma and 2 from you guys! It was an insane blessing hahaha. I've opened only 3 as one of the packages from grandma says it's for my birthday so I'm going to wait :) And so that other packages had the Aero Chocolates :D, also that cabury Vegemite one too, I freaked out when I saw that hahah I thought It was caramel flavlour at first as I saw it was like yellow trimming on it and then I look and see Vegemite on the packet! It's probably the weirdest combination that Cadbury could think of but it tastes pretty good! Tastes like Australia! Also I got the package from grandma that had the Slingshot Koala hahaha It makes this kinda screaming noise, so we've been using it to wake up the other Elder's hahaha

Also this week was had transfer announcements! And yes, I am transfering!
So my new Zone is Novaliches (Elder Aue is over there now, so I'll see him). My Area is Bagong Silang 1B.
My new Companion will be Elder Ng (his name literally translates to Elder of) (Filippino too, he speaks Visaya)

So I'm super Excited as I'll be in a Zone with Temple P-days! So the zone leaders played a game with us all in order to find out where we would go. And they wrote up on the board 6 zones. 3 of those zones don't have temple p-days (temple is too far away) and I was hoping that I'd be sent to one with a temple p-day (So I can possibly see Emma in the MTC) and if I had the choice I would have chosen Nova! A lot of the missionaries that were in SJDM (my zone now) transferred to Nova!

So transferring is super annoying too, I have way too much stuff to pack. I have so many books. Too many hahaha so it's going to be a pain packing later on today! (Don't worry I already started last night hahaha)

So Elder Ng is going to his 4th transfer now in Bagong Silang 1B which means he may transfer after this next transfer! Which would be insane hahaha 

Oh and I think I forgot to mention this last email, I bought Heinz Tomato Sause! It tastes like home!

Also there is a  half RM in our ward at the moment, Ryan Babalcon. He got sent home on medical leave but will head back to his mission in Tacloban this November. Ryan (soon the be Elder Babalcon again) said that his Mission President is President Maurer, who is from Australia. I'm not sure how related he is to the Maurer's in our ward but I'm sure they're related somehow hahaha. Anyway me and him went on splits last week and he was super cool! Also a super great teacher as well! We also got rejected like crazy that day too, we got punted or rejected from 7 investigators/less actives in 25min. It was insane hahaha so we had a lot of time to spare that day hahaha.

So the first photo is a some of my zone. The second is the Depilar Family and the Last is a bunch of YSA's from our ward.

Anyway, hope you all have a great day and a great week. This time next week I'll be in my new area and all that stuff. 
So, have a great week!!

Love Elder Holzworth

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