Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Weel 31, Novaliches, Philippines

Hey Family,

The birthday package did arrive last tuesday which was super unexpected. So thank you! The only problem is that it has food inside it... So On thursday after coming home from work I look at the package and I see a line of ants going into the package. Normally with the other packages that you send I put them in the fridge straight away to keep them safe from ants but the package was a little too big for our tiny fridge. So I had two choices... To leave it until my birthday to open and leave the package vulnerable to ants or 2 weeks, or open it and put all of the food in the fridge. So yeah, unfortunately I had to open it and get rid of all the ants :( But I haven't opened/read anything yet! I wanted to open it the least that I could so all i've done is put all the food in our fridge. Yeah :( Although thanks for the socks, I saw them, and man i really do need them hahaha

On another note, yesterday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting! The funny part is that they told me the night before just as I was going to sleep. so yeah, that was fun. My topic was tithing, which is a little tricky to teach cause no is really rich, but it went pretty well, well at least I think it went well hahaha.

Our area is pretty cool, Elder Ng will probs transfer so I'm trying to learn the area super well in case he does. Our area is pretty cool although the poeple here arn't as nice as my old area so Oym'ing is a little harder. We have a wholse bunch of la's which is great (yay). One thing that's different is that we don't have members to work with us. The reason is, most of them are female, which means that we need a male for them to work with us. So yeah most of our lessons are just us alone. There are 2 foods that apparently I'm going to eat and that's Komodo dragon and Cat. There are 2 members that want to cook it for us 4 missionaries so yeah, I'm not sure if I'm totally down for it but I might give it a shot hahaha. 

Hopefully I don't get sick but we should be goods :) as long as we bless it first hahaha :)

This upcoming week is looking pretty normal with nothing special except zone interviews which were everyone gets a super short 10min interview with president, so it should be pretty fun.
Anyway, hope you all have a super awesome week!

Love Elder Holzworth!

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