Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Week 32, Novaliches, Philippines

Hey Family,

Thanks for the Birthday wishes!!
And also a Happy Birthday to Emma and Dad too!! I hope you both have an amazing day!

This week was cool :) I've attached photos of me and my comp, Elder Ng. This week I got sick from food which was terrible. The funny part is that it was food provided by the mission..... hahaha

Other than that we had mail run again somehow so I received 2 packages from the Green’s which was super awesome. In one of the packages was one of those magnetic drawing boards (the pen has a magnetic tip and the drawing board has all those hexagon shapes.). Anyway, the board would be fun for kids to use and too keep them quiet during lessons but to be honest I use it more in the apartment when I try to explain things to my comp hahaha.

This week we had zone interviews which were fun and very interesting We had a whole bunch of workshops about teaching and finding and I learnt from it. 

This week Elder NG and I are buying singlets for basketball except we're getting something printed on them for companionship unity haha
I'm not sure if you guys will get the reference but I guess you'll have to wait and see next week when we get them printed.

Love Elder Holzworth!

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