Saturday, 19 September 2015

Week 34, Novaliches, Philippines

Hey Family,

So this week was quite uneventful and eventful i guess, I'm not really sure hahaha
anyway, next week we are having a baptism!! Her name is Sister Fe and she is a 35ish year old mother :) She had her baptismal interview yesterday and for sure I thought she would not pass it, so here's the story.

So on Friday, we were teaching her about eternal marriage and obliviously, she has the desire to be sealed with family. We explained that in order for that to happen, her husband would have to be baptised as well and then she gave us the most unexpected answer ever. She was like, "oh we're not married yet". I just looked at my comp and I was like "Please tell me I understood that wrong, I thought they were married." and Ng was like, "I thought they were married" Freak, we did not see that coming.

So the situation with baptism (at least what my district leader told me) is that they have to be living the Law of Chasity for at least 4 weeks before their baptism. So that means if your living together you must be married first before baptism. So we were super nervous because now we were completely unsure about her situation. We knew that her "husband" goes away for work for like months at a time and he was away at this time which meant that for the last couple of weeks she had been living LoC but we still were unsure. Anyway, in the interview, she passed! She's been living the LoC but the only problem is that if she was able to live the LoC after her baptism. So now instead of having a baptism this transfer, were going to have a marriage too! hahaha

Anyway, turns out that the elders who taught lesson 4 (which was not me!! hahaha) didn't teach the full doctrine. I guess some elders get to awkward about the topic and teach too simply. In fact, that's a blessing of speaking another language, even though you know the words you are speaking, they don't have that full impact on you if you were to say it in english. Like it's more offensive if someone calls me ugly in english rather than tagalog. It's the same phrase yet one will kinda hit me harder than the other. So yeah, teaching LoC is a ton less awkward because of that, so that helps I guess.

So yeah, Her baptism is set for next Saturday and we're hoping to to the marriage through the church too at the same time but I guess we'll have to plan things out a bit.

Other than that, I'm still trying to get through all the chocolate from the birthday package, I showed Elder Ng a Tim Tam Slam, he enjoyed it hahaha. 

Also Last week I watched the video's on that Usb, Thanksssssss It was so awesome. It was really good to hear your voices :)

Other than that, this week "The Great September Batch" goes home, which is like half of the learship positions, So it means that next transfer something like 12 missionaries will step up to either DL, ZL or STL. Which is a ton. My batch has like 10 missionaries which is average, theirs had like 24, so like half of the mission goes home in like 8 days hahaha.

Anyway, that was some cool stuff from this week :)

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Love Elder Holzworth

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