Monday, 7 September 2015

Week 33, Novaliches, Philippines

Hey Family,

So I'm 19 now! :D

So Saturday was pretty cool hahaha Thanks so much for the presents!! The ties are awesome!! that and I also received the usb with the video's which I'm about to watch after I finish this email!! It's really quite weird waking up and then opening presents followed by an hour of studying the scriptures. hahaha It was like wow so cool, ties and stuff then it was like well, time to study hahaha. Btw the aussie shorts are so sweet hahaha And thanks Jess for the Lee Sin figure!! That guy is legit my favorite champ in League of Ledgends!! 

Funny thing, when I blew up the Ballons, Emma wrote something like "Maligayang bati, I think that says happy birthday in tagalog"... Elder Ng thought it was hilarious. just the whole "I think that says happy birthday" thing. Btw, that is correct, maligayang bati is happy birthday, maligayang pasko is merry chirstmas too!!

So for my actual birthday, as the in the entire day, I didn't do anything extra ordinary but at night time we went to an active family's house for an FHE which was super super fun. The family is hilarious, it's crazy, they were like my substitue family 

Also I attached some photo's of the cake making. I wrote Ng's name on it for some reason, I don't know. I'm just surprised that I got it made!! It tasted soooo goooddddd..... mannnnn...!! Thanks mum!! 

Other than that, today we're at the Mall where I legit saw every missionary. I saw about 8 elders who are either serving or have served in Sapang Palay, which was super insane!! Also I saw Elder Waltz, who I havn't seen for ageesss (like 3 transfers) which was super awesome.

This transfer is coming to a close soon, President called our ZL today and asked if there was room in our ward to fit an extra Elder. And out of the 3 small apartments in this area, we have the biggest (which is still really small, it's just one room). So we might get an extra companion? who knows. hahaha

Anyway, hope you all have an amazing week!!

Love Elder Holzworth 

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