Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Week 35, Novaliches, Philippines

Hey Family,

So yesterday we found out about transfers and yeah.. I'm staying hahah which isn't much of a surprise hahaha My comp however is transferring which means I have a new companion, Elder Bermoy. All I know about him is that he's from Cebu which means he speaks Cebuano! yeah I don't know much else but yeah :)

Oh, another thing. So I left a redskin in my bag and it kinda melted and made my entire bag sticky and stuff. So like the redskin had been in there for a month plus it wrecked my bag so much I need to buy a new one. The other thing is that it wrecked my photo album :( So if you could, could you send some pictures through email so i can make a new one?

Also there is a photo attached from a Fhe too.

Anyway, so on Saturday, Sister Fe was baptised!!!!!!!!! :)
Our Rc Jay performed the baptism which was super cool too.
Only problem is that the ward didn't organise the baptism like they said they would :( We got to the chapel at 6:30 for a 7pm start. The font wasn't filled, there was no talks organised and our ward mission leader wasn't even there :( So we were kinda freaked out, so we started to fill the font and organise speakers and some other stuff. Next problem, the baptismal jumpsuit thingy's were still wet from the last baptism :(

Anyway, we managed to get the service underway and as the first speaker was talking, we could hear rushing water outside. We ran outside and saw that the valve for the font wasn't shut! And then we checked the font and it was almost empty! So yeah, we had to restart all over again :( 

Anyway, she got baptised eventually and she had a really good spiritual experience in the end so I guess all went alright hahaha

This Saturday we have another baptism for Rolence who is 11, his mother is a Member who was La when I first came into the ward. So yeah we have that which is cool!

Actually in the Baptism photo, Rolence is the kid wearing the Orange shirt!

Also, Yesterday, I killed 30 cockroaches. Yes 30, I counted them one by one. It started off when I found like 2 when we got home, then as soon as a killed one, another popped out. I went and shut our front door and like 3 more came in. This repeated until we had 30..... We have no clue were they came from, it was super weird and super annoying too but yeah like this happened in like 10min too. Like a mini battle hahaha

Anyway I have anew comp that I'm looking forward to serve with and hopefully all goes well! I hope I don't get lost in our area either, I've only been here 6 weeks hahaha.

Have a great week all!

Love Elder Holzworth

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