Monday, 17 August 2015

Week 30, Novaliches, Philippines

Hey Family,

So this is like the end of my first week in Nova (new zone ko) and I just realised today that I didn't tell you how to pronounce my comp's name. So in tagalog "Ng" is pronounced "Nung". So Elder Ng (nung) :)

Elder Ng is the man!!  I was told before I was about to transfer that he was on the List to be an AP (Assistant to President) and also before that he was a Zone Leader in Caloocan. He is a super down to earth guy from General Santos City (Philippines). His native language is Visaya, which is pretty much the same as Cebuano. The area I'm in is smaller than Sapang Palay and pretty flat too. The next part is that our area labeled as a dangerous area.... So it means that that Sister missionaries can't serve here, only elder's.... yeah.... there is also a "red area" (do go into this place area) that's kinda near us. It's labeled red because it's dominated by Muslims. So yeah :) fun times :D 

Last night we had an appointment on the other side of our area and as we're walking Elder Ng just stops, I'm like "what?" and he just kinda points at where we're walking and says, "This place might be a bit too dangerous for you..." hahaha so we walked super quick through that area :) so yeah, don't be too worried :) The area's totally fine haha

Good news, so in our ward (Bagong Silang 1st Ward which translates to "New Birth 1st Ward") we have 2 set's of missionaries :) We live in 2 different apartments, so Me and Elder Ng and then Elder Bahr and Elder Aue in the other! So yeah Elder Aue is in the same ward as me (who was my first companion out here in the field)! The next cool part is that Elder Aue's Companion is the District leader which means he'll so companionship exchanges every so other. So that means that me and Aue will be able to go on exchanges together! 

Other that that, Our apartment is a single room, So the Study desk's, Beds and Kitchen are all in the one room then there is the bathroom/shower as well. I'd say our flat is about the size of our under cover area in the backyard. And btw our flat gets super hot. So hot. Man. Like I kid you not, if you don't have a fan on, you're dead. I came out of the shower yesterday sweating..... and we don't even have hot showers! So yeah, our Fridge is like our bestfriend here :) 

Out here the ward is pretty cool, I don't really know them yet as last sunday was stake conference, so this Sunday I'll introduce myself in sacrament meeting. We don't have a lot of members working with us so we're definitely going to try and get something organised soon!!

Other than that, this week I ate some new food :) Dinuguan!! which translates to "Stewed with blood". So basically I ate the dish twice, once yesterday and once in sapang palay last monday. So the first time I ate it, we had the version using pork intestines and blood. It's super weird and somehow tastes kinda starchy? Yesterday when we ate at the members we had I think "pork" I'm not really sure... One rule with food in the Philippines is that If you don't know what it is, it's best not to ask.... Like when I first ate Dinuguan, I asked after I ate it hahaha. but the one I had yesterday was kinda spicy which was nice.

Also on a food note aswell, today at a Super Mall I ate a "Deep Fried Burger" :) The Bun's are deep fried and it tastes so good :D 

Hey, I also want to share something that Elder Adren shared with us on our mission tour. So basically, he got the Assistants (AP's) to teach in 2min the 1st principle of lesson 1, God is our loving Heavenly Father, in a fake investigator situation. Now the Assistants did super well. They taught really simply and everyone thought that they smashed it. Then Elder Arden got a random elder to read the paragraph in PMG. And Everyone realised that they missed like 35% of the Doctrine!!! Last week in my personal study I counted the Doctrinal points in principle 1. And there are 10 points for principle 1. So basically what Elder Arden was getting at was that if we teach the full doctrine to people they will be more likley to return back as this is the fullness of the doctrine that we're teaching, it's desirable to every person on earth. So yeah, it's really crazy at how many points there are in one single principle :) 

But yeah, know that things are going super sweet out here in Nova Zone :D 

Have a great week!

Love, Elder Holzworth

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